Aspen Tree

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Aspen Tree
Aspen Tree.png
Vital statistics
Object(s) Required Aspen Catkin
Required By Aspen Catkin
Terrain Cloud Range, Deep Tangle, Moss Brush, Oak Wilds, Red Plain, Sombre Bramble, Timber Land, Wald
Bark 3
Branches 14
Logs 2
Blocks (Stone/Metal) 55/69
Boards (Bone/Metal) 17/28
Seed 2 Aspen Catkin
Boughs N/A
Other N/A

The Aspen Tree is one of the many Trees found in the Hearthlands. While Trees are generally a plentiful resource, they are vital to every player.

Some of the most basic materials a hearthling will require such as Boards, Wood Blocks, Boughs, and Branches are only obtained from Trees.

How to Acquire

Every Tree can be grown from its Seed using a Treeplanter's Pot. This will ensure that the Tree grows without stunting unless it is picked from before maturity.

Planting a Tree with a Shovel is a quicker and more direct way of planting Seeds, but may result in spontaneous stunting before full growth is achieved. Also, the Quality of a Tree planted with this method will be halved by the Quality of the Seed used, although it can never be lower than 10. Take caution when planting any Tree or Bush this way.