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This category is used to list all structures which have the primary purpose of storing objects.

Name Storage Dimensions Storage Capacity Other info Requires
Birchbark Basket 3x3 9 Birchbark x5
Coffer 5x5 25 Board x4, Leather x2, Bone Glue, Rope
Crate 5x3 15 Board x4
Cupboard 8x8 64 indoor only Board x8
Large Chest 6x8 48 Board x5, Bar of Bronze, Iron or Steel x2, Leather x4, Bone Glue x3, Rope x2
Linen Crate 4x5 20 Linen Cloth x4, Any Bough x4, Branch x2
Pot 3x3 9 Clay x5
Stone Casket 8x4 32 Stone x20, Nugget of Bronze, Iron or Steel x2
Straw Basket 4x4 16 Straw x10
Strongbox 5x5 25 difficult to destroy & immovable Bar of Bronze x3, Bar of Steel x2
Urn 3x5 15 Clay x10
Wardrobe 1x3 48 stores sets of clothes (equipped equipment items only) 5x Board
Wicker Basket 2x3 6 Branch x10
Wooden Chest 6x6 36 Board x4, Nugget of Any Common Metal x4