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::::: "Any Mushroom" type does not exist in-game. in-game, what RoB calls the "Any Mushroom" type is actually called the "Edible Mushroom" type.
::::: "Any Mushroom" type does not exist in-game. in-game, what RoB calls the "Any Mushroom" type is actually called the "Edible Mushroom" type.
::::: --[[User:Ricky|Ricky]] ([[User talk:Ricky|talk]]) 17:13, 16 July 2019 (EDT)
== Mushrooms: Data dump ==
== Mushrooms: Data dump ==

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Category seems redundant

This category seems redundant to me, as data wise its (manual-set) data is a duplication of the Edible(Hunger/Energy) and Mushroom(s) item data.
(Same for manual-set Mushrooms category btw,)
Alternative list case dropped at Tables/Forageables tmp1 page.
- Giant Puffball: Mushroom ambiguity/incompleteness.
- Morels: Mushroom incompleteness.
- (secondary issue seems the manual-set "Foraged Foods", ... pondering about that one.)
--.MvGulik. 19:08, 14 July 2019 (EDT)

Agreed - this categories are legacy. Any mushroom and foragebles is enough. Not sure other categories are worth.
Not understand what you call incompleteness in morels and puffball? they are complete for me(just verify for per exp)
Kitsuneg (talk) 07:48, 15 July 2019 (EDT)
Incompleteness: The difference in being marked as "(specific)Any Mushroom" vs "(category)Mushrooms". But ... now that I think about it again. "Any Mushroom" is for mushroom items that can be interchanged (and not for marking a item as being a mushroom - Ouch! ;-/). So that changes things a bit. ... Revaluating other stuff (Edible Mushrooms category will be canned). --.MvGulik. 12:25, 15 July 2019 (EDT)
The Edible Mushroom category was originally created to distinguish from the Mushroom Category. On the wiki, the Specific::Any Mushroom actually correlates to Edible Mushroom in-game (I briefly looked, And I didn't find any recipes that used an Any Mushroom type). So while there is a redundant category here, it's actually the Any Mushroom Category
to elaborate on this - Parboiled Morels can be used in "Edible Mushroom" recipes (such as autumn steak), but Morels cannot. Thus, Parboiled Morels are both mushrooms and edible mushrooms, while morels are not. Furthermore, some inedible mushrooms can be used in "Edible Mushroom" recipes. Fairy Mushrooms and Cave Lanterns are both inedible mushrooms which can be used as an "Edible Mushroom" food type, they however do not have any hunger/FEP data associated with them.
--Ricky (talk) 19:38, 15 July 2019 (EDT)
1) All Specific-type categories are technically redundant, as they are (automated) shadow-categories of Specific-type types.
2) "Any Mushroom" seems to be used in multiple recipes. We must be using different definitions for what is considered a recipe (for/on RoB).
... Mmm, think I need to also look at the Edible and Food marking ... later.
--.MvGulik. 02:57, 16 July 2019 (EDT)
"Any Mushroom" type does not exist in-game. in-game, what RoB calls the "Any Mushroom" type is actually called the "Edible Mushroom" type.
--Ricky (talk) 17:13, 16 July 2019 (EDT)

Mushrooms: Data dump

Data Count
Category:Mushrooms 16
Category:Edible Mushrooms 11
Category:Any Mushroom 0
Specific::Any Mushroom 18
Merged (or) 22
Merged (and) 0
FoodsAny MushroomspecificMushrooms‎Edible MushroomsForaged FoodsRequiresRequires
Bay Bolete9601.5150Any MushroomForagingForaging
Black Truffles  Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Black Trumpets3,5001125Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Bloated Bolete1101275Any MushroomForagingForaging
Cave Lantern8,000 Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Chantrelles52175Any MushroomForagingForaging
Dried Morels 1200Any Mushroom Herbalist Table
Plant Lore
Herbalist Table
Plant Lore
Fairy Mushroom  Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Field Blewits5,0001200Any MushroomForagingForaging
Giant Puffball5003200Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Indigo Cap39,0001200Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Morels150  ForagingForaging
Parasol Mushroom1500.75100Any MushroomForagingForaging
Parboiled Morels 1125Any Mushroom Morels
Royal Toadstool324  ForagingForaging
Ruby Bolete2,5001.5150Any MushroomForagingForaging
Snowtop1,5001.5150Any MushroomForagingForaging
Stalagoom1000.5200 Dust Pile
Dust Pile
Troll Mushrooms 1400Any Mushroom Troll
White Truffles  Any Mushroom ForagingForaging
Yellowfeet2001125Any MushroomForagingForaging
Required-By ("Any Mushroom"): Autumn Steak, Beaver Dog, Mushroom & Onion Pirozhki Dough, Mushroom Mash, Mushroom Pie Dough, Mushroom Spit, Mushrooms in Jelly, Raw Mushroom-Burst Glutton

Case notes:

  • Truffles (Black, White): Foraged(action) vs Foraging(skill). Found/Acquired by leased Pig. Ergo: no perexp. (a sort of fishing with a dynamic object)
  • Parboiled Morels: Special (currently unsupported) case. Uses percentage instead of absolute points. !?! I must have mixed up something.
  • "Any Mushroom" vs "Edible"(Hunger,Energy): Are independent, or not-related, markings.
    • With "Any Mushroom" being: (member of, or the) Group of interchangeable items. (the general usage point(s) is group depend) In this case some other food creation actions (see (dynamic) Required-By list).