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Coronation Stone

From Ring of Brodgar
Coronation Stone
Coronation Stone.png
Vital statistics
Size 8 x 6
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic,Yeomanry and Lawspeaking
Object(s) Required Rock Crystal x5, Bar of Gold x5, Bar of Silver x10, Bar of Any Metal x20, Brimstone x30, Stone x300, A Beautiful Dream! x40
Repaired With ?
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points ?
"?" is not a number.
Soak Value ?
"?" is not a number.
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This structure claims a large area (375 x 375) and creates a Realm. The claim put out by the realm does not prevent any crimes from being committed, but instead lays a "tax" on Experience Points gained by any hearthling who has a hearth fire active within the boundaries of the claim. The coronation stones drain 500 authority per in-game day. When initially built, the realm will have 5000 authority by default, and has a default cap of 250,000 authority (raised by constructing more Border Cairns.)

How to Acquire

Coronation stones must be placed on a paved 8x6 area, and can be built within another realm's borders as a challenge. Once built, a hearthling wearing a Royal Crown can be sworn in as king. Once appointed, the king may set permissions, build realm objects, and oath or banish people in the realm.

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Claims, Villages, and Realms
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