Deep Water

From Ring of Brodgar
Deep Water
Deep Water Terrain
Vital statistics
Can be paved No
Can be plowed No
Max Speed Swim/Crawl
Forageables Water, Peculiar Flotsam
Trees (None)
Fauna Fish, Cave Angler, Grey Seal, Swan

Deep Water is one of the many biomes within the Hearthlands, a form of Water Terrain. On foot, a Hearthling can travel at a swimming/crawling pace through Deep Water, with a heavy level of stamina drain for doing so. Traveling through Deep Water should be taken with extreme caution when traveling on foot, as you take asphyxiation damage when out of stamina. Taking too many points of this will result in death.

Hearthlings should use a Boat to cross deep water, as it is a safer method of travel.