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Falling Star

From Ring of Brodgar
Falling Star
Falling Star Hot.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
Required By Meteorite
Can be Lifted No
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Falling Star landing during the Falling Star event. It's is a source of Meteorite.

How to Acquire

After Falling Star event triggers, you can use Star Gaze magic to show a direction where it will land.

Landing lasts for 3 in-game days(1 real-time day). A falling star will be glowing red hot for 19 in-game hours(6 real-time) after impact, during which time it can't be touched. Once it has cooled off, however, you may harvest 50-60 pieces of Meteorite from it.

TimeTest:Game:3d (Real:21h 53m ) Real:1d (Game:3d 6h 58m )
TimeTest:Game:19h (Real:5h 47m ) Real:6h (Game:19h 44m )


A star itself has no quality, the harvested meteorite determinated by unknown but is softcapped by a Mining Tool.
"No, the quality is determined by other means. I'm not sure if I should reveal them. But whatever it is, it is softcapped by the pickaxe you use." - loftar


  • Falling stars are gentle creatures, and avoid landing on claims. - jorb

In-game Example