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Food Satiations

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Food Satiations are penalties from eating specific foods. Every food item satiates its own category. All food stuffs satiate equally, and there is no randomness or distribution.Satiated foods become less effective, which can be seen as a percentage on the Base Attributes screen of the character sheet, under Food Satiations.

The penalty comes into play in the following way:

But also decrease hunger in the following way:

Evidently you should eat a varied diet to keep your satiations high so as not to hinder your FEP gain.

Buffing Food types by drinks

  • Satiations are no longer removed by drinks, but food types are buffed now by drinks for 25% for the main food type and by 10% for the other two food types at Quality 10.
  • The buff drink and be merry is then applied to yourself when you drink one sip (0.05L) of any drink.
  • For each sip (0.05 L) of every drink you consume, you get one counter for that drink.
  • For each food type consumed that are buffed by a drink, you lose one counter for that specific drink.
  • More than one counter may be removed from different drinks if more than one buff are applied, meaning buffs stack for the same food consumed. Example : Peapie is both a Bread and a Vegetable, therefore drink both Mead and Milk before eating one is preferable to boost your FEPs.

Drink Primary Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Preferred Vessel Made From Food Buff
Beer Sausage 25% Game 10% Offal 10% Tankard Barley Wort Beer
Cider Poultry 25% Mushrooms 10% Offal 10% Tankard Applejuice Cider
Mead Vegetables 25% Game 10% Nuts & Seeds 10% Drinking Horn Mead Must Mead
Milk Bread 25% Forage 10% Bucket Aurochs, Cow, Goat and Sheep Dairy
Perry Mushrooms 25% Meat 10% Creepies & Crawlies 10% Tankard Pearjuice Perry
Tea Dairy 25% Fruits 10% Mug Green and Black Tea Leaves Tea
Weißbier Fish 25% Poultry 10% Mushrooms 10% Tankard Wheat Wort Beer
Wine Cheese 25% Meat 10% Vegetables 10% Wine Glass Grapejuice Wine


  • Information may be incomplete or wrong for a few drinks.
  • Tea receives a 20Q buff when piping hot.
  • Burrower Bean instantly decrease one satiation for 25% at q10.

Food type categories

Name Berries Bread Cheese Creepies & Crawlies Dairy Fish Food Forage Fruit Game Meat Mushrooms Nuts Offal Poultry Sausage Sweets & Desserts Vegetables
Icon Satiations-Berries.png Satiations-Bread.png Satiations-Cheese.png Satiations-Creepies & Crawlies.png Satiations-Dairy.png Satiations-Fish.png Satiations-Food.png Satiations-Forage.png Satiations-Fruit.png Satiations-Game.png Satiations-Meat.png Satiations-Mushrooms.png Satiations-Nuts.png Satiations-Offal.png Satiations-Poultry.png Satiations-Sausage.png Satiations-Sweets & Desserts.png Satiations-Vegetables.png