Food Satiations

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Food Satiations are penalties from eating specific foods. Every food item has a chance to cause one or two of the 17 satiation categories to become less effective, which can be seen as a percentage on the Base Attributes screen of the character sheet, under Food Satiations.

The penalty comes into play in the following way:

But also decrease hunger in the following way:

Evidently you should eat a varied diet to keep your satiations high so as not to hinder your FEP gain.

Removing Satiations

  • Satiations generally disappear in about two days and disappear faster the more satiated you are.
  • All drinks restore stamina much like water, but they also buff particular food satiations. Mead, for example, buffs Game, Nuts and Vegetables by 0.5% and 1% respectively, per gulp at Q10. It is thus possible to decrease satiation to 0% by drinking. Do note that each drink also adds a negative satiation against itself, thus reducing the effect of further consumption. Also note that drinks will count as half-quality if you drink them from a non-preffered vessel (i.e. drinking wine from anything but a wine glass). Drinking vessel type does not affect the effective quality for stamina regeneration purposes.
Drink Primary Secondary Tertiary Preferred Vessel Made From Satiation Debuff
Beer Sausage 1% Game 0.5% Offal 0.5% Tankard Barley Wort Beer
Cider Poultry 1% Mushrooms 0.5% Offal 0.5% Tankard Applejuice Cider
Mead Vegetables 1% Game 0.5% Nuts & Seeds 0.5% Drinking Horn Mead Must Mead
Milk Bread 1% Forage 0.5% Bucket Aurochs, Cow, Goat and Sheep Dairy
Perry Mushrooms 1% Meat 0.5% Creepies & Crawlies 0.5% Tankard Pearjuice Perry
Tea Dairy 1% Fruits 0.5% Mug Green and Black Tea Leaves Tea
Weißbier Fish 1% Poultry 0.5% Mushrooms 0.5% Tankard Wheat Wort Beer
Wine Cheese 1% Meat 0.5% Vegetables 0.5% Wine Glass Grapejuice Wine


  • Tea receives a 20Q buff when piping hot.
  • Burrower Bean instantly decrease one satiation for 25% at q10.

Satiation categories

Name Berries Bread Cheese Creepies & Crawlies Dairy Fish Food Forage Fruit Game Meat Mushrooms Nuts Offal Poultry Sausage Sweets & Desserts Vegetables
Icon Satiations-Berries.png Satiations-Bread.png Satiations-Cheese.png Satiations-Creepies & Crawlies.png Satiations-Dairy.png Satiations-Fish.png Satiations-Food.png Satiations-Forage.png Satiations-Fruit.png Satiations-Game.png Satiations-Meat.png Satiations-Mushrooms.png Satiations-Nuts.png Satiations-Offal.png Satiations-Poultry.png Satiations-Sausage.png Satiations-Sweets & Desserts.png Satiations-Vegetables.png
  • Note1: These categories are "Specific" property related, and not directly Satiation related.
  • Note2: Satiation raw data is stored at properties Sat1 trough Sat3. (Sat4 currently not used, ergo: empty)

Satiation Tables

For available Full-Satiations and Per-Satiation-type tables, see the Tables page.