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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting, Cauldron
Object(s) Required Red Deer Antlers
Required By Dream Cookies Dough, Hartshorn Salve
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Hartshorn is the result of boiling Red Deer Antlers in a Cauldron. When placed in a boiling cauldron, Red Deer Antlers will eventually convert into a random amount of Hartshorn between 0.01kg, and 0.10kg

While the horns must be boiled for roughly two hours, the process can be interrupted and started intermittently at no penalty, as progress will never reset.


From Wikipedia:

"Hartshorn" is a red deer antler. The in game item refers to salt of hartshorn, which was ammonium carbonate. It was obtained by "dry distillation of oil of hartshorn", which was derived of "destructive distillation of male red deer horns or bones." Ammonium carbonate, or salt of hartshorn, itself acted very similar to baking soda and so was used as a leavening agent for breads and cookies.

Salt of hartshorn was also used medicinally as a smelling salt and "used to treat insect bites, sunstroke, stye, and snakebites."

Hartshorn jelly, a decoction of the burnt antlers, was dissolved in water to help diarrhea. The coals of the burnt stuff was used as an absorbent, as well as in the treatment of dysentery.

Salt of hartshorn when used in baking "releases ammonia and carbon dioxide gases, but no water, allowing you to make intricate designs in cookies and such. This also made baked goods cook more thoroughly and thinner cookies and biscuits let out the pungent aroma just fine."

The problem with hartshorn as a baking soda was that "ammonia released during the baking process reacts with glucose and fructose to form intermediate molecules that in turn, react with asparagine (an amino acid found in nuts, seeds, and whole grains) to form acrylamide, a carcinogen."