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There are three different types of hitpoints: soft (SHP), hard (HHP), and maximum (MHP).


SHP reflects current hitpoints. As long as a character's Energy is above 8000%, this value will slowly regenerate, up to the character's current HHP value. Being reduced to zero SHP results in being knocked unconscious for roughly a minute. Commiting criminal acts cause 1shp damage.


HHP is current maximum hitpoints. This number is reduced by Wounds you receive during combat, starvation or drowning. Leaving your character to starve will make you lose HHP over time. HHP recovers when you heal a wound. HHP has a maximum of the character's MHP value. A character takes slight HHP damage from most unblocked attacks. If a character's HHP drops to zero, that character is permanently dead.


MHP is the maximum achievable hard hitpoints. This value is 100 on a new character and can be raised by increasing a character's Constitution attribute, while lowering it will decrease MHP.

The formula for calculating MHP is: .

for example, if CON is 10 (baseline), your MHP is . , which is 100.
if con is 100: . = 316

For additional information, see this forum post.


Wounds are the HHP damage in world 8 of Haven. Different sources of damage have a chance to cause a wound, which might heal over time, or can be healed by certain actions. Each wound will have a value which amounts to the reduction it applies to your HHP, or even to certain Attributes. These values and the wounds are visible on the Health & Wounds button on your Character Sheet. Each wound heals independently of others, so several small occurrences of the same wound will heal faster than one large one.

Any wounds that state that it will "heal over time" require the character to have a green energy bar (8000% or higher) to heal and will continue to heal whether on or offline. Note that some wounds that heal over time can also be healed with other methods, such as Leeches. This may speed up overall healing time by spreading out the damage more.

The following are the list of wounds a character can receive from combat or other actions in the game. Several will heal on their own, most will need some sort of healing item to remove the wound. Note that almost all healing items have some sort of penalty associated with it. It could be a quick loss of SHP (Leeches), occupying a gear slot (Gauze), or reduce attributes or skills (Stinging Poultice).

HHP is recovered once the conditions are fufilled. Recovering SHP needs energy at healing levels (8000%).

Wounds will still, even when treated, count and be relevant for combinations to new and more severe wounds when you receive new wounds from taking damage. They will also retain negative effects during treatment. Each treatment, when applied, now applies a treatment factor to the wound, dependent on the quality of the treatment applied, which reduces the reactivity of the wound -- i.e. the likelihood of it wanting to combine with incoming new wounds to create more severe wounds -- by the treatment factor percentage.

Wound Treated With Caused By Additional Information
Adder Bite.png Adder Bite N/A PvE with Adders. Damage steadily increases before healing slowly over time if energy is over 8000%. -15 STR penalty.
Allergic Reaction.png Allergic Reaction N/A Suffer Adder Bite, Midge Bite or/and Beesting at the same time -10 AGI and -10 STR penalty. Heals slowly over time.
Antcid Burns.png Antcid Burns Yarrow PvE with Ants. Heals slowly over time. -AGI penalty.
Asphyxiation.png Asphyxiation N/A Running out of stamina while Swimming. Heals slowly over time. -INT penalty.
Beesting.png Beesting Kelp Cream Working with Bee Skep, Midge Swarms -2 AGI, each new wound would worse by 1 hp. Heals slowly over time.
Black-Eyed.png Black-eyed Toad Butter, Rootfill, Hartshorn Salve, Honey Wayband Cave-ins -10 PER penalty.
Blade Kiss.png Blade Kiss Toad Butter, Gauze Melee Combat Heals very slowly over time (1 per ~24h RL -To be confirmed / [Verify])
Blunt Trauma.png Blunt Trauma Leeches, Gauze, Toad Butter, Camomile compress, Opium Cave-Ins, Unarmed Combat Leeches converts wound to Leech Burn
Bound in Waybroad.png Bound in Waybroad N/A Heal Deep Cuts with Waybroad. Heals slowly over time. -1 CHA and PER
Bruises.png Bruises Leeches Cave-Ins, Unarmed Combat Heals over time. Leeches converts wound to Leech Burn
Buttered.png Buttered N/A Toad Butter Heals over time. Converts into Nasty Wart.
CoalersCough.png Coaler's Cough Opium Mine Black Coal Heals slowly over time. - 10 AGI, -10 WIL and +15 Masonry.
Concussion.png Concussion Cold Compress, Opium Being knocked out. Heals slowly over time. Reduces Abilities based on size.
Crab Caressed.png Crab Caressed N/A Picking up/Cracking a Crab Heals over time. -DEX penalty
Cruel Incision.png Cruel Incision Gauze, Stitch Patch, Rootfill Unarmed/Melee Combat Rootfill converts wound to Deep Cut.
Deep Cut.png Deep Cut Gauze, Stinging Poultice, Rootfill, Waybroad, Honey Wayband Unarmed Combat, Rootfill converting Rootfill completely heals wound.
Dragon bite.png Dragon Bite N/A Smoking Opium -10 All base Attributes penalty. Heals over time. See the discussion page for speculation on damage per wound.
Fell Slash.png Fell Slash Gauze Unarmed/Melee Combat
Gauzed.png Gauzed N/A Heal wound with Gauze Heals over time. -2 CHA and -3 PER penalty.
Hartshorn Salved.png Hartshorn Salved N/A Healing wounds with a Hartshorn Salve Heals over time.
Honey Waybound.png Honey Waybound N/A Healing wounds with a Honey Wayband Heals over time. Buffs +2 CHA and +1 STR
Infected Sore.png Infected Sore Camomile compress, Bar of Soap, Opium Standing in swamps with other wounds present, especially Crab Caressed. Has a chance to grow or shrink periodically.
Kelp Helped.png Kelp Helped N/A Kelp Cream Heals over time.
Leech Burns.png Leech Burns Toad Butter Leeches Heals over time.
Midge Bite.png Midge Bite N/A Midge Swarms Heals over time.
Muddied Prospects.png Muddied Prospects N/A Mud Ointment Heals over time. -2 DEX and -5 CHA penalty.
Nasty Laceration.png Nasty Laceration Stitch Patch, Toad Butter Small wounds tearing into larger ones Heals slowly over time. -2 CON, -10 AGI
Nasty Wart.png Nasty Wart Permanent but can be healed by Ancient Root Using Toad Butter on a Black Eye, Blunt Trauma.
Probably any wound treated with Toad Butter
-CHA penalty
Nerve Damage.png Nerve Damage Permanent but can be healed by Ancient Root Receive multiple Adder Bite wounds -INT penalty.
Nettle Burn.png Nettle Burn N/A Received when picking Stinging Nettle +1 Survival, Heals over time--20 minutes per point
Nicks & Knacks.png Nicks & Knacks Yarrow, Honey Wayband Unarmed Combat, Chopping blocks Heals over time. Large wounds spit off and create Scrapes & Cuts.
Nidburns.png Nidburns N/A PvE with Nidbane Heals slowly over time.
Punch-Sore.png Punch Sore Mud Ointment, Opium Unarmed Combat, Cave-Ins Heals over time. Can become Swollen Bumps if left untreated.
QuickSilver Poisoning.png QuickSilver Poisoning N/A Craft Felt and Purple Pigment
Study Quicksilver Globe
-1 INT, PSY and WIL penalty.
Quill'd.png Quill'd N/A Picking up/Killing a Hedgehog Heals over time.
Scrapes and Cuts.png Scrapes & Cuts Yarrow, Mud Ointment, Honey Wayband Splits off from Nicks & Knacks Heals slowly over time.
Seal Finger.png Seal Finger Hartshorn Salve, Kelp Cream Combat,Skinning or Butchering Grey Seal or Walrus Grows slowly over time, -1 AGI, -3 CON, -10 DEX
Severe Mauling.png Severe Mauling Hartshorn Salve, Opium Cave-Ins, PvE with Bat
Something Broken.png Something Broken Camomile Compress Cave-Ins, PvE with Bat
Starvation.png Starvation N/A Going under 2000 Energy Only heals if your energy increases to over 8000 energy. Rapid lose of SHP and increase size of wound, while under 2000 Energy.
Stitched Up.png Stitched Up N/A Stitch Patch Heals slowly over time. -10 CHA, AGI and PER penalty.
Soothing Cold.png Soothing Cold N/A Cold Compress Heals over time.
Swollen Bumps.png Swollen Bumps Cold Compress, Leeches, Stinging Poultice Cave-Ins, untreated Punch-Sores Leeches converts wound into Leech Burns.
Poulticetreat.png Treated With Poultice N/A Heal Deep Cut with Stinging Poultice Heals slowly over time.
Unfaced.png Unfaced Leeches, Mud Ointment, Toad Butter, Kelp Cream Cave-Ins Leeches converts wound into Leech Burns.
Wretched Gore.png Wretched Gore Stitch Patch Very strong attacks.
50+ damage in one hit will result in Wretched Gore
Yarr.png Yarr! N/A Healing wounds with a Yarrow Heals in a few seconds. -2 CON penalty.

A few wounds need to be given special consideration

  • Starvation
    • There seems to be chance to gain starvation damage every time character expends energy when its below 2000%
    • Starvation seems to only heal when some combination of following factors is met, proper testing required
      • SHP is full
      • Stamina is full
      • Energy is over 8000% or more
  • Concussions
    • These lower stats and can take a long time to heal on their own
    • Cloth is the main limiting factor for its treatment, as it can be difficult for a new player to make.
    • Getting knocked out too many times can brick your character for a few days
  • Deep Cuts
    • Given primarily by bats and other animals
    • No stat loss, but can stack up and reduce HHP to dangerous levels
  • Wretched Gore
    • Often recieved during PvP fights, or damage from strong animals.
    • Heals 1 HHP a day with a q10 stitched patch
    • The patch quality can make a difference measured in months
    • Using a Stitch Patch to heal this wound causes the Stitched Up debuff, which reduces a character's effectiveness at combat and foraging.
    • Ancient Roots may provide quicker treatment. See Localized Resources
  • Swollen Bumps
    • Given primarily during cave-ins
    • Cave-Ins at lower layers in the world will cause much more severe wounds
    • Paired with the cave-in knockout this can result in very hefty wounds and stat penalties
  • Adder Bite
    • You can die in one real night if you do not take care of this wound (Starting with Adder Bite 10 and having 230 constitution).
    • Starvation seems to only heal when some combination of following factors is met, proper testing required
      • Resting / Sleeping in bed (Stamina Full?)
      • Energy is over 8000% or more