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'''Ladybugs''' are a [[Curiosity]] which can be used in the [[Study Report]] to earn [[Learning Points]].
'''Ladybugs''' are a [[Curiosity]] which can be used in the [[Study Report]] to earn [[Learning Points]].

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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Terrain Blue Sod, Bounty Acre, Cloud Range, Dry Flat, Flower Meadow, Grass, Greens Ward, Hard Steppe, Highground, Lush Field, Moor, Ox Pasture, Red Plain, Wild Turf
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Hand
Required By (Bug: Bug Collection)
Study details
Base LP 400
Study Time <b>StudyTime Input:</b><br><br >The studytime infobox parameter accepts two formats. An Hour-float (studyTime = H.hhhh) or a Time-code (studyTime = H:M).<br><br>Proper input rules:<br >H.hhhh: (Dot delimited) At least one leading digit, and at least 4 decimal digits.(good: "0.1230", bad: ".123")<br >H:M: (Colon delimited) At least one hour digit, and 1 or 2 minute digits. (good: "0:1", bad: ":1" or "0:123")<br><br >(Although bare integer-input would work for both format cases, there currently deemed improper formatted input.)<br > 3h 0m
Mental Weight 3
EXP Cost 3
LP / EXP 133.33
LP / Hour (real) 133.33
LP / Mental Weight 133.33
LP / Hour / EXP 44.44
LP / Hour / Size 133.33
LP / Hour / Weight 44.44
LP / Hour / Size / EXP 44.44
LP / Hour / Weight / EXP 14.81
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Ladybugs are a Curiosity which can be used in the Study Report to earn Learning Points.

How to Acquire

You can acquire a ladybug by right-clicking them while they are flying around, just like Silkmoths. They appear in Grasslands, Forest Terrains, Moors and possibly other areas.