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Ambiguous Studytime Cases

This (temporary) table is for easy bulk verifying & updating of curiosity StudyTime data.
Its containing those curiosities where the used StudyTime value is ambiguous due to the used value-format. (H:MM => H.MM(Minutes) vs H.dd(percentage of an hour))
After some time the updated data is merged back into the related curiosity pages. (overwriting StudyTime changes on those pages that where made during this bulk-verification period)
The STUDYTIME page-notation tag also will be removed for those cases that where corrected/verified. (For the leftover cases the STUDYTIME page-notation text will remain, with an adjusted STUDYTIME message)

Table Fields:

Curiosity: Curiosity page in question.
Decimal: This is the actual used infobox StudieTime parameter value for that curiosity.
Time code: Recalculated time in hours and minutes based on the used StudieTime value. (minutes being the important/changing part here)
Update: For correction or verification(no change) of the study Time. (in case of no change, ie: time code is showing correct study time, just copy the time-code to the Update field)

Ambiguous Studytime Table
Ambiguous Studytime Cases (121)
Curiosity / page Decimal Time code Update
Amber 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Amethyst 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
An Old Boot 2.42 2h 25m --h --m
Ancient Tooth 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Ant Queen 1.12 1h 07m --h --m
Ant Queen's Wings 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Bat Claw 3.38 3h 23m --h --m
Bat Fang 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Batwing Necklace 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Beaver Tail 36.47 36h 28m --h --m
Beaver Teeth 30.38 30h 23m --h --m
Billygoat Horn 20.03 20h 02m --h --m
Bog Turtle Shell 29.10 29h 06m --h --m
Cachalot Blowhole 80.14 80h 08m --h --m
Cattail Head 0.45 0h 27m --h --m
Cave Angler Light 29.10 29h 06m --h --m
Cave Angler Scales 1.49 1h 29m --h --m
Cave Battery 36.28 36h 17m --h --m
Cave Centipede 5.28 5h 17m --h --m
Cave Lantern 34.57 34h 34m --h --m
Cave Louse Chitin 2.44 2h 26m --h --m
Cave Moth 1.49 1h 29m --h --m
Chewed Fibre 6.04 6h 02m --h --m
Chiming Bluebell 29.17 29h 10m --h --m
Cigar 4.33 4h 20m --h --m
Cigar Box 22.47 22h 28m --h --m
Curious Needle 18.14 18h 08m --h --m
Dark Effigy 11.38 11h 23m --h --m
Dark Heart 36.28 36h 17m --h --m
Deep Sea Atavism 87.32 87h 19m --h --m
Diamond 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Divination in Tin 8.12 8h 07m --h --m
Eagle Owl Eye 10.56 10h 34m --h --m
Eagle Owl Feather 18.14 18h 08m --h --m
Easter Egg (Blue) 18.14 18h 08m --h --m
Easter Egg (Green) 29.10 29h 06m --h --m
Easter Egg (Pink) 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Easter Egg (Red) 21.53 21h 32m --h --m
Edelweiß 18.23 18h 14m --h --m
[[Emerald] 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Enthroned Toad 41.02 41h 01m --h --m
Feather Sunfeather 45.35 45h 21m --h --m
Firefly 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Flipper Bones 65.39 65h 23m --h --m
Fossil Collection 23.42 23h 25m --h --m
Foul Smoke 43.46 43h 28m --h --m
Frog's Crown 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Frogspawn 8.12 8h 07m --h --m
Fulgurite 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Glue Troll 27.34 27h 20m --h --m
Gold Egg 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Golden Cat 16.24 16h 14m --h --m
Golden Eagle Feather 36.28 36h 17m --h --m
Golden Eagle Talon 65.39 65h 23m --h --m
Gooseneck Barnacle 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Grotesque Tumor 72.56 72h 34m --h --m
Hopped-up Cone Cow 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Horrible Knot 14.58 14h 35m --h --m
Horrid Love Dart 36.28 36h 17m --h --m
Irrlight 2.42 2h 25m --h --m
Jade 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Jellyfish 18.14 18h 08m --h --m
Lamp Stalk 7.17 7h 10m --h --m
Lucky Rabbit's Foot 21.53 21h 32m --h --m
Lynx Claws 14.58 14h 35m --h --m
Magnifying Glass 58.21 58h 13m --h --m
Magpie Feather 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Mistletoe 21.53 21h 32m --h --m
Mole's Pawbone 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Monarch Butterfly 2.42 2h 25m --h --m
Moonmoth 4.51 4h 31m --h --m
Moonstone 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Moose Antlers 27.35 27h 21m --h --m
Oak Apple 21.53 21h 32m --h --m
Odd Honeycomb 8.12 8h 07m --h --m
Onyx 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Opal 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Opium Dragon 4.55 4h 33m --h --m
Oyster Pearl 1.12 1h 07m --h --m
Petraglyph 5.28 5h 17m --h --m
Porcelain Doll 30.23 30h 14m --h --m
Primitive Doll 14.50 14h 30m --h --m
Ptarmigan Feather 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Quail Feather 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Quicksilver Globe 21.53 21h 32m --h --m
Reindeer Antlers 18.14 18h 08m --h --m
Ruby 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Sapphire 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Scarab Talisman 10.07 10h 04m --h --m
Seagull Feather 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Seer's Bowl 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Shiny Marbles 65.39 65h 23m --h --m
Slinky 5.28 5h 17m --h --m
Snow Globe 49.14 49h 08m --h --m
Spired Forest Conch 5.28 5h 17m --h --m
Stained Glass Heart 49.23 49h 14m --h --m
Stalagoomba 1.37 1h 22m --h --m
Still Life 4.50 4h 30m --h --m
Strange Root 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Swan Feather 8.33 8h 20m --h --m
Tafl Board 16.42 16h 25m --h --m
Tangled Bramble 9.50 9h 30m --h --m
The Bee That Stung 00.54 00h 32m --h --m
The Other Old Boot 2.42 2h 25m --h --m
Thorny Thistle 5.50 5h 30m --h --m
Tiny Abacus 14.58 14h 35m --h --m
Topaz 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Troll Tusks 14.35 14h 21m --h --m
Troll's Third Eye 12.45 12h 27m --h --m
Turquoise 7.28 7h 17m 7h 17m
Uncommon Snapdragon 14.50 14h 30m --h --m
Uncrushed Husk 5.48 5h 29m --h --m
Unfired Hand Impression 2.42 2h 25m --h --m
Walrus Tusk 7.28 7h 17m --h --m
Waterstrider 3.47 3h 28m --h --m
Whalebone Scrimshaw 43.46 43h 28m --h --m
Wildgoat Horn 29.10 29h 06m --h --m
Wintergreen 27.21 27h 13m --h --m
Wolf's Claw 12.45 12h 27m --h --m
Wood Grouse Feather 36.28 36h 17m --h --m
Yule Wreath 32.49 32h 29m --h --m

The Other Cases

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