Tri Quality System

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Items in Hafen now have 3 distinct quality meters: Essence, Substance and Vitality.

Depending on the type of item, be it a Food or a Curiosity, the effect that each quality has is different. The Weapons row at the moment only contains information about melee weapons: bows appear to have different effects.

Essence.png Essence Substance.png Substance Vitality.png Vitality Average ([math]Avg = \sqrt{\frac{Ess^2+Sub^2+Vit^2}{3}}[/math])
Curiosities Increases LP: [math] LP Gain = Base LP \sqrt[4]{\frac{Essence^2+Substance^2+Vitality^2}{300}} [/math]
Food Lowers Satiation amount (not chance): [math]Sat = \frac{Base}{\sqrt{\frac{Ess}{10}}}[/math] Lowers Hunger: [math]Hun = \frac{Base}{\sqrt{\frac{Sub}{10}}}[/math] Increases FEP's: [math]FEP = Base * \sqrt{\frac{Vit}{10}}[/math]
Armor Increases Deflection (X of X/Y): [math]X = Base * \sqrt{\frac{Ess}{10}}[/math] Increases Absorption (Y of X/Y): [math]Y = Base * \sqrt{\frac{Sub}{10}}[/math] Increases max Wear: [math]W = Base * \frac{Vit}{10}[/math] Increases stat modifiers
Weapons Increases effective agility: [math]eagi = \sqrt{agi*Ess}[/math], confirm? Increases damage: [math] damage = Base*\sqrt{\sqrt{str*Sub}/10}[/math] Increases weight of MC attacks: [math] emc = \sqrt{mc*Vit}[/math]
Ranged Weapons Affects range. Increases damage, alongside Perception: [math] damage = Base*\sqrt{Per*Sub}[/math] Affects max aim and aim speed, alongside MM.
Symbel Increases FEP Bonus: [math]_{FEP}Mod = Base * \sqrt{\frac{\frac{Ess}{10} * (maxWear - curWear)}{maxWear}}[/math] Increases Hunger Reduction: [math]_HRed = Base * \sqrt{\frac{\frac{Sub}{10} * (maxWear - curWear)}{maxWear}}[/math] Increases max Wear: [math]W = Base * \sqrt{\frac{Vit}{10}}[/math]
Note: Final values are rounded to nearest value instead of being truncated.