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Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
Skill(s) Required Boat Building
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x10, Board x25; Tar x2.5L (applied after construction, see Tarring section)
Repaired With Board
Can be Lifted Yes
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A rowboat can hold up to two liftable items (such as containers or constructions) and travel at running speed in water. Rowboats can also carry up to two people, a navigator and a passenger, and are liftable themselves but cannot be placed inside other Rowboats, Carts, Wagons or other similar objects.

Since Rowboats can carry 2 two liftable items, like Coffers or Crates, players can use Rowboats to transport a much larger number of items at faster speeds.

Note: When lifting a full rowboat with 2 liftable items in it, you will move at a very slow pace (slower than crawling).


To board a rowboat, right-click on the boat when it's on a water tile. When you are ready to leave the rowboat, you must press Ctrl+left-click in the direction you wish to get out. If you have swimming, be careful you do not select to get out into deep water while swimming is enabled (disabled by default) or you may accidentally drown. Those without the Swimming skill do not need to worry since the game will prevent you from exiting the rowboat into deep water without the skill.

You, as well as your passenger, can fish while sitting in a rowboat.

Tarring The Rowboat

After building your Rowboat, apply 2.5L of Tar to the boat. Completing this step is required to make the rowboat Sea-worthy.


Knarr - Costly alternative to the Rowboat

Alternative to Rowboat is a Knarr, which can be build after discovering Any Common Metal, Tarsticks, Rope, Bone Glue, Board and Block of Wood.


  • Rowboats can only be built on land.
  • Rowboats cannot carry live animals or vehicles.
  • You can pick up liftable objects while sitting in a boat. You can then put them in the boat by right-clicking it, if you have enough space. It doesn't apply to vehicles such as other rowboats (you can lift them, but not put them in the boat).
  • You can place cupboards inside of a boat, however they can only be placed while empty.
  • Rowboat speed - 7.5 tile per second.
  • Boats, just like wagons, can travel freely through claimed areas without the need for criminal action. (Exit the boat with care when doing so.)
  • Quality of rowboat does not matter


  • Since boat stealing could earn you the wrath of the more physically capable players, it might be best to hide your extra boats.