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| ysize      = 1
| ysize      = 1
| skillreq  = None
| skillreq  = None
| specific  = Stone
| objectsreq = [[requires::Ore]]
| objectsreq = [[requires::Ore]]
| producedby = [[requires::Smelter]]
| producedby = [[requires::Smelter]]

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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Ore
Produced By Smelter
Specific Type of Stone
Required By (Stone: Bell Fountain, Border Cairn, Charter Stone, Cistern, Coronation Stone, Dry Stone Fence, Fealty Stone, Feather Sunfeather, Feather Trinket, Field Cairn, Fireplace, Granary, Grave Cairn, Great Hall, Grotesque Idol, Knarr Dock, Menhir, Milestone, Milling Machine, Mine Hole, Oven, Personal Claim, Petraglyph, Potter's Wheel, Primitive Doll, Rattle-Tattle-Talisman, Rock Lobster, Runed Dolmen, Seamark, Seer's Stones, Statue of the Chieftain, Steel Crucible, Stone Arrow, Stone Axe, Stone Bench, Stone Casket, Stone Column, Stone Mansion, Stone Table, Stone Throne, Stone Tower, Stonestead, Sublime Portico, Tar Kiln, Village Banner, Village Claim, Well, Wilderness Beacon, Windmill, Wrecking Ball)
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Slag is a type of Stone, a byproduct obtained in the process of smelting ore in a smelter.

How to Acquire

Load Ore into a Smelter and fuel with 12 units of Coal (enough for one batch). Each ore will have a chance of becoming a bar of metal, or slag if it does not.



Slag was a completely useless waste product in Legacy.