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{{PAGENAME}} holds up to ?? litres of [[Tar]], respawns 2.0 litres every ?? minutes. <br>
{{PAGENAME}} holds up to 100 litres of [[Tar]], respawns 2.0 litres every ?? minutes. <br>
==How to Use==
==How to Use==

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Vital statistics
Size 5 x 5
Can be Lifted No
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Tarpit is a Localized Resource, a rare type of resource which regenerates over time in a permanent location - in Forests and Grasslands.
Because of their rarity and permanent location, Localized Resources are often very contested and highly valuable.


Tarpit holds up to 100 litres of Tar, respawns 2.0 litres every ?? minutes.

How to Use

  • Using the Inspect action on any localized resource will tell you how many resources are currently available or how long until the next resource regenerates.
  • Right clicking a Tarpit with a liquid containers that has resources will fill container with Tar.


  • The quality of the Tarpit's resource is hardcapped by ??, making it unwise to harvest this resource with an unskilled character.


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