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''See [[Painting]] for a more in-depth information''
''See [[Painting]] for a more in-depth information''
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!HEX code
|[[Red Pigment]]
|[[Poppy Flower]] x2, [[Entrails]]
|Red - #f01432
|[[Orange Pigment]]
|[[Pumpkin Flesh]] x3, [[Tar]] (0.10 L)
|Orange - #dc5a1e
|[[Yellow Pigment]]
|[[Bittersweet Nightshade Berries]], [[Bone Glue]] x2
|Yellow - #e6dc32
|[[Green Pigment]]
|[[Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed]], [[Bone Glue]]
|Green - #32b419
|[[Turquoise Pigment]]
|[[Dross]], [[Chicken Egg]]
|Turquoise - #5abebe
|[[Blue Pigment]]
|[[Blueberries]], [[Bone Glue]]
|Blue - #2828e6
|[[Purple Pigment]]
|[[Cinnabar]] x2, [[Chicken Egg]]
|Purple - #be2882
|[[White Pigment]]
|[[Wheat Flour]] (0.10 kg), [[Milk]] (0.10 L)
|White - #dcdcdc
|[[Black Pigment]]
|[[Ashes]] (0.20 kg), [[Solid Fat]]
|Black - #1e1e1e

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Yellow Pigment
Yellow Pigment.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Painting
Object(s) Required Bittersweet Nightshade Berries, Bone Glue x2
Produced By Hand
Specific Type of Any Pigment
Required By (Any Pigment: Easter Egg, Easter Egg (Blue), Easter Egg (Green), Easter Egg (Pink), Easter Egg (Red), Scholarly Account, Shiny Marbles)
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Yellow Pigment is a Pigment used in Painting. Yellow Pigment, along with 8 other colors make up the palette used to create a Custom Image Sketch. These sketches can be used to customize Village Banners, Battle Standards, Plain Tabards, Heraldic Capes, Wooden Roundshields, Barter Stands, Knarr Flags, Paintings and your house's walls.

See Painting for a more in-depth information