A Prayer for Strength

From Ring of Brodgar

A Prayer for Strength, also known as Einherjer Aspect, is a prayer available from Ancestral Worship.

At a cost of 50 Numen points, your character will, for one full in game day (~8RL hours) receive 25% of his Ancestral value in Strength, Agility, Perception, Marksmanship, Melee Combat and Unarmed Combat, as a personal buff to those same values. The Ancestral value is calculated as 100% of the nearest ancestor's value, plus 50% of the second nearest ancestor's value, plus 25% of the third nearest ancestor's value.

For example: Nisse has three ancestors behind him. Their strengths were 120, 60, and 40 respectively. Nisse's Ancestral value in Strength is thus 120 + 30 + 10 = 160, and his Einherjer bonus is 25% of that, i.e. 40. If Nisse uses Einherjer Aspect he will, temporarily, enjoy a Strength bonus of 40. Do note that the usual limitation of not being able to buff oneself beyond twice the base value in an ability or attribute still applies. If Nisse's own strength is, say, 15, he will, thus, in his Einherjer Aspect, have an effective Strength of 30.