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Abilities are scores used to determine your proficiency with a given task, and together with Attributes, acts as caps for many crafting recipes.

Note that much of this information is outdated; equipment does not give you modifications by default, you must apply a Gilding that supplies the modification.

Unarmed Combat

Equipment that modifies Unarmed Combat

(At quality 10:)

Melee Combat

Equipment that modifies Melee Combat

(At quality 10:)



  • Determines the visibility of Foragables with [math] Perception*Exploration [/math]
  • Criminal Acts, leave behind a Scent that can be seen if the trackers [math] Perception*Exploration [/math] is more than half that of the perpetrators [math] Intelligence*Stealth [/math]

Equipment that modifies Exploration

(At quality 10:)


  • Determines visibility of scents based on [math] Perception*Exploration [/math] vs [math] Intelligence*Stealth [/math]
  • Makes the tracking pie slice wider/less precise.
  • Increases cool-down on scents left by the player.

Equipment that modifies Stealth

(At quality 10:)


  • Determines the softcap of most leather/fabric clothing items with [math]\sqrt {Sewing*Dexterity} [/math]

Equipment that modifies Sewing

(At quality 10:)


  • Determines the softcap of metal items with [math]\sqrt{Strength*Smithing}[/math]
  • Determines the softcap of jewelry with [math]\sqrt{Psyche*Smithing}[/math]
  • Smithing does not affect the quality of wrought iron, steel, or bronze.

Equipment that modifies Smithing

(At quality 10:)


  • Masonry governs all things related to pottery, ceramics, and stoneworking.
  • Hard caps the quality of stone mined from cave walls, dug clay, stone from stone grounds, and foraged clay.

Equipment that modifies Masonry

(At quality 10:)


Carpentry also refers to the skill, Carpentry.

  • Determines the softcap of wooden items, notably boards with [math]\sqrt{Dexterity*Carpentry}[/math]


  • Determines the softcap of bread dough with [math]\sqrt{Perception*Cooking}[/math]
  • Determines the quality of baked goods and other foods with [math]\sqrt{Dexterity*Cooking}[/math]

Equipment that modifies Cooking

(At quality 10:)


Farming also refers to the non-incrementable skill, Farming.

  • Increases the quality of the seeds/plants you harvest (randomized +5\-5).
  • You cannot grow up plants of a quality rating higher than your skill value + 3.

Equipment that modifies Farming

(At quality 10:)


  • Increases the hardcap a character has on the quality of herbs picked.
  • Determines the quality of meat, bones and hide when butchering with [math]\sqrt{Survival*ToolQ}[/math]
  • Used to craft Stone Axe , Bone Saw , and fishing gear
  • Some gathered ground-resources (water, soil, etc) are hardcapped by your survival, including water from wells. Note some are hardcapped by Masonry instead as of W10.

Equipment that modifies Survival

(At quality 10 with quality 10 Taproot Lacing:)


  • Lore is a general measure of Wisdom, relevant for "magical" or otherwise involved tasks.

Equipment that modifies Lore

(At quality 10:)


  • Skills in the character sheet can also be changed by scrolling the mouse wheel while moused over their -/+ buttons.

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