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If you've never played Haven and Hearth before, your first impression will most likely be "This is the most god awful looking thing I've ever seen. Why would anyone play this?" But try Dwarf Fortress and be happy with this style.

A great H&H video.


What is Haven and Hearth?

Haven and Hearth is an indie game developed using Java, C and Paintshop Pro, which is renowned for its stunningly beautiful 2D graphics. In addition to the lush 2D environment, the gameplay is very out-of-the-box in comparison to mainstream MMORPGs.

Persistent World

In MMORPGs, what you see is developed by some guy who spends his entire career making maps. You play as an avatar in a static world that will be no different tomorrow as it is today. In Haven and Hearth, this is different. You (yes, as soon as you spawn) have the capability to alter the world around you. Individuals, and communities, can morph and craft a village, raping the land around them for resources. Watch as a remarkable forest succumbs to deforestation and the ground under them is mined out for iron! Everything you do leaves a mark that others can see.

Player versus Player

Unlike most MMORPGs, you will become attached to your character. Death isn't measured in an EXP loss, but a loss of an entire portfolio. Death is also persistent. Not to mention destructive elements, such as battering rams, that can bring even the the most defensive villages to their knees, ruining countless hours of teamwork, friendship, and clicking.

It's in Alpha

The developers are donation-fueled (most donations currently going toward server upgrades) and are constantly working on their game. In combination with their tight-knit player base, your suggestions, demands, and threats carry more relevant meaning to them than it would in any other game you play with fancy graphics.

Oh, and it's completely free.

And the sever is down about as often as it is up. So get used to sitting fusratedly pushing F5 over and over and over and over......... Since the game has been moved to a new server, the downtime has been drastically reduced to just a couple of hours a week.