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Ant Chitin

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Ant Chitin
Ant Chitin.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required Large Ant Corpse
Specific Type of Bone Material, Chitin
Required By (Bone Material: Black Ribeye Steak, Bone Arrow, Bone Ash, Bone Glue, Bone Greaves, Bone Marrow, Bone Pins, Bone Saw, Deep Sea Atavism, Dice, Fisherman's Hat, Flute, Fossil Collection, Goat Mask, Personal Claim, Poppy Wobbler, Primitive Doll, Rattle-Tattle-Talisman, Seer's Bones, Skull Throne, Still Life, Untanned Rot, Village Claim), (Chitin: Chitin Powder)
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Ant Chitin is a bone material and can be used for various recipes and some buildings.

How to Acquire

The Chitin can be obtained by right-clicking the large ants in dungeon corpse and use Break option. You will get between 2 and 5 chitin.


The quality of Ant Chitin while butchering is determined by quality of the animal corpse and is softcapped by your sharp tool quality and survival.

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Tool quality softcap is applied before the survival softcap.