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Vital statistics
Location Grassland, Moor, Heath
Base Quality 30
Hitpoints 320
Fleeing Hitpoints 250
Creature Products Fresh Aurochs Hide x2, Intestines x3, Entrails x3, Raw Wild Beef x14, Bone Material x6, Aurochs Hair

General information

The base quality for Aurochsen is 30
An aurochs can be tamed to become a cow or a bull. See this page for more info about taming wild animals.

Butchering animals is softcapped by Survival and your carving tool. Bones are only softcapped by Survival.

Trivia: The singular noun is aurochs while the plural is aurochsen.

Quoting Loftar:
The singular is obviously "aurochs", seeing how it is cognate with English "ox". Accordingly, the only reasonable plural form is, of course, "aurochsen", seeing how "ox" still uses the Saxon plural form "oxen" even in Modern English.

Getting Hair

Right click the Aurochs and it will give you the option to "Pull Hair." Use this with extreme caution as it can equally get you a new Curiosity or a dead Hearthling. Each Aurochs yields only one Aurochs Hair (every 5 minutes?).

Getting Milk from Aurochsen

You can get 2L of Milk from an aurochs. To do so, you need Clover and a Bucket. Pick up a clover from your inventory and right click on an auroch. The auroch will cautiously proceed to eat the clover. It is recommended to get as close as possible before right clicking the aurochs. Next, take your bucket and right click on the aurochs to milk it. Each Aurochs can only be milked once (every 5 minutes?).


With around 60 UA/60 AGI you should be able to take on an auroch and win by punching the crap out of it, around 30 minimum if you block it in a palisade and cheese it. Having a decent str level and some cutthroat knuckles will help.