Goldbeater's Skin

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Goldbeater's Skin
Goldbeater's Skin.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Jewelry
Object(s) Required Suckling's Maw, Vinegar (0.5 L)
Produced By Cauldron (with 0.5 liters)
Required By Clothier's Thimble, Family Heirloom, Forge Ring, Gold Plate, Golden Table Bell, Golden Tooth, Merchant's Ring, Monocle, Occult Ring, Precious Details, Ring of Brodgar (Jewelry), Royal Crown, Silver Cutlery, Silver River Cutlery, Silver River Goblet, Silver Rose, Silver for the Ferryman, Thane's Ring, Woodland Crown
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A Goldbeater's Skin is a required item for crafting many items that includes Silver or Gold in the recipe.


  • Crafting will produce 3 skins at once.
  • It's an ingredient and not a tool, and will be consumed upon the creation of an item requiring it.
  • Softcapped by