Beetroot Crop

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Beetroot Crop
Hafen-Beetroot Crop.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Beetroot
Required By Beetroot, Beetroot Leaves, Weird Beetroot
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Beetroot Crop is a type of Crop which can be grown to yield farming products.

Planting and Harvesting


  • To plant beets you must first create a Plowed Field.
  • LEFT CLICK the crop itself in your inventory and then RIGHT CLICK on the plowed field you wish to plant them on.


  • RIGHT CLICK on a crop to harvest.
  • SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK on a crop, your cursor will change then select an area to harvest from.


Beetroot Crop growing speed affected by Bee Skep, Farmer Credo and hidden ground spots.


Beetroot Crop have four stages of growth:

Beetroot Crop Stage 1.png Stage 1: The beetroot field just planted. Сannot be picked.
Beetroot Crop Stage 2.png Stage 2: The beetroot field growing. Сannot be picked.
Beetroot Crop Stage 3.png Stage 3: Harvesting the beetroot field provides 1 Beetroot and 1 Beetroot Leaves regardless of your farming skills.
Beetroot Crop Stage 4.png Stage 4: Harvesting the beetroot field provides 1-4 Beetroots and 1-4 Beetroot Leaves depending on your farming skills and farmer credo.