Block of Mirkwood

From Ring of Brodgar
Block of Mirkwood
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Lumberjacking
Object(s) Required Old Trunk, Old Stump
Produced By Stone Axe, Metal Axe, Shovel, Metal Shovel
Required By Mirkwood Offering, Woodsman's Token
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Mirkwood is a type of Block of Wood.

How to Acquire

Blocks of wood are produced by chopping an Old Trunk with an axe, or by destroying an Old Stump. Digging up stumps is considerably faster with a shovel, especially a metal shovel.

Removing a stump provides 4 blocks, chopping a trunk will provides 20 blocks.


  • The quality of the blocks is based on the quality of the Old Trunk or Old Stump.
  • The quality of your axe has no effect.


  • Naturraly laying around everywhere in the world only 10 q, but can be raised quality by leaving high quality Logs off-claim.
  • Implemented decay mechanic in Parka Blewit (2018-04-23) update.