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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By Cat Gold, Quern, Runestone, Stone
Can be Lifted Yes
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Boulders are a source for stones used for stone axes, paving roads, and even advanced objects such as a stone mansion. A player can chip about 75 stones from it before it is depleted.

They can also be used to build querns for grinding barley seeds into flour for baking or building runestones for leaving messages, though this will use up the boulder as well.

Boulders can be lifted once they've been chipped down to about 2/3 of full size (69%).

How to Acquire

Boulders are spread out randomly but generously across the Hearthlands, although they are nearly depleted in the spawn zone and other inhabited areas. Their size and colour varies, the latter reflecting the type of stone that can be chipped from it.

Mining skills are not applied when chipping from natural boulders, so they don't help in getting more metal from them.

They are also created when one digs out a cellar in a house. Thus, they are infinite in quantity, one just needs to build whole houses and cellars to generate more. These boulders are always of the closest stone type in the cave layer below it, excluding ore.