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General redundant image-parameter cleaning:

Hafen page/image, targeted with/by infobox image parameter.
none template specific (yet).

Ignored/Special Cases(74) (16:05, 10 January 2018 (EST))
Amethyst Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Diamond Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Emerald Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Jade Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Moonstone Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Onyx Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Opal Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Ruby Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Sapphire Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Topaz Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Turquoise Gem-Jotun Brilliant {{PAGENAME}}.png
Filet of Eel Meat-filet.png
Filet of Sturgeon Meat-filet.png
Filet of Zope Meat-filet.png
Roast Filet of Eel Meat-rfilet.png
Roast Filet of Sturgeon Meat-rfilet.png
Roast Filet of Zope Meat-rfilet.png
Aurochs' Milk Milk.png
Cow's Milk Milk.png
Sheep's Milk Milk.png
Roast Adder Roast Meat.png
Roast Badger Roast Meat.png
Roast Bat Roast Meat.png
Roast Bear Roast Meat.png
Roast Beaver Roast Meat.png
Roast Beef Roast Meat.png
Roast Fox Roast Meat.png
Roast Hedgehog Roast Meat.png
Roast Horse Roast Meat.png
Roast Lynx Roast Meat.png
Roast Mammoth Roast Meat.png
Roast Mole Roast Meat.png
Roast Moose Roast Meat.png
Roast Mutton Roast Meat.png
Roast Otter Roast Meat.png
Roast Rabbit Roast Meat.png
Roast Squirrel Roast Meat.png
Roast Venison Roast Meat.png
Roast Walrus Roast Meat.png
Roast Wild Beef Roast Meat.png
Roast Wild Mutton Roast Meat.png
Roast Wild Pork Roast Meat.png
Roast Wolverine Roast Meat.png
Roast Chicken Roast Poultry.png
Roast Magpie Roast Poultry.png
Roast Mallard Roast Poultry.png
Roast Ptarmigan Roast Poultry.png
Roast Swan Roast Poultry.png
Spitroast Adder Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Badger Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Bat Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Bear Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Beaver Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Boreworm Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Fox Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Hedgehog Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Horse Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Lynx Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Mole Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Moose Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Mutton Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Otter Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Ptarmigan Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Rabbit Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Squirrel Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Venison Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Walrus Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Wild Beef Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Wild Pork Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Wolverine Spitroast Meat.png
Spitroast Chicken Spitroast Poultry.png
Spitroast Magpie Spitroast Poultry.png
Spitroast Mallard Spitroast Poultry.png
Spitroast Swan Spitroast Poultry.png

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