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This is a hidden category and its not shown on its member pages unless the appropriate user preference is set.
This is a Verification Calls - Hafen administration tracking category to keep track of verification Call usage on RoB.
Please do not delete this category (even if it is empty!) as long as the related Verify template is using this category.

This category lists articles with content based on speculation, or that at least contain a grain of doubt in them.

Please do not add this category directly to pages themselves, but use the {{Verify|<optional short remark>}} template call instead.

Battering RamGM: "$Vehicles & Movables" vs "$Siege Equipment"
Bull Pipeskill unknown
CatapultGM: "$Vehicles & Movables" vs "$Siege Equipment"
CavedogCategory:Foraged Foods
Cutthroat KnucklesGM:Metal Working
Giant Puffballperexp
Personal Claimchanged with the start of w11, but time was not given in patch notes
Ruby Boleteper*exp
Sleighbellperc x exp
TrollUse either H.ddd or H:MM notation
needs to use either H.ddd or H:MM notation