From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining
Produced By Cave Walls
Required By Gilded Nautilus, Hemp Fibre Finery, Petraglyph
Study details
Base LP 1000
Study Time 33
Mental Weight 8
EXP Cost 10
LP / EXP 100
LP / Hour (real) 30.3
LP / Mental Weight 125
LP / Hour / EXP 3.03
LP / Hour / Size 30.3
LP / Hour / Weight 3.79
LP / Hour / Size / EXP 3.03
LP / Hour / Weight / EXP 0.38
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The Cavedust is a Curiosity which can be used in the Study Report to earn Learning Points.

Cavedust is a stackable powder that can be studied. It is created by mining certain walls in caves. If a cave wall is adjacent to a tile that will cause a cave-in, it will create a cavedust. A cave-in tile will not cave-in if it is within range of a support. 0.01 to 0.02kg of dust is created with each tile mined. The LP gain amount listed only applies to a full stack of 0.50kg of Cavedust. Smaller amounts can be studied, but the LP gain is reduced proportionally.