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Claim Shield

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This page is outdated and reflects an old Haven & Hearth mechanic that has since been removed.

Every land claim, regardless of type, has a shield to prevent crimes.

In order to attack a claim using a Siege Engine, you will first have to break through the shield. While the shield is active, damage dealt to structures on the claim will be diverted to the shield.

The claim shield has a maximum of 60000 HP but can only take a maximum of 4000 HP of damage per hour. The shield's damage resistance increases with the damage it takes but is reset every hour. The shield regenerates 1000 HP per hour.

A claim shield will become inactive when it hits 0 HP and will only be reactived again once it reaches 8000 HP. You can find the status of the claim's shield, if you have proper permission, by inspecting any land within the claim.

Overlapping Claim Shields have a symmetrical relationship in that: If either is down, the other is also down. Thus: If the Village Shield is down, underlying Private Claim Shields are also down, and if the Private Claim Shield is down, then the Village Shield does not apply. If you fire at an object covered by a Private Claim and a Village Claim, you will target the private Claim's Shield. A Claim without Authority/Presence is disregarded, so if the Private claim lacks Presence the Village Shield applies, and if the Village lacks Authority, the Private Claim Shield applies.

In addition, Charter Stones shut down if the Shield of their Village claim goes below 48000 HP.

Newly established Personal Claims begin without shield and have to charge it up. Also note that expanding a claim will reduce it's shield proportionally to the increase in size of the claim. Village Claims start with full shield after activation.


  • Destruction by hand is unaffected by the shield. The shield only protects against Siege Engines.
  • Siege Engines are never protected by the claim shields.
  • Claim Shields were added in update World 9 (2016-02-18)