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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Hemp Cloth, Linen Cloth, Silk Cloth, Wool Cloth, Leather Fabric
Required By Ashen Robes, Bagpipe, Barter Stand, Battle Standard, Bouquet of Flowers, Chef's Hat, Cloth Chair, Cold Compress, Feather Stuffing, Fine Sofa, Great Wax Seal, Heraldic Cape, Knarr, Lawspeaker's Hat, Lawspeaker's Robes, Linen Crate, Packrack, Patterned Embroidery, Plain Tabard, Porcelain Doll, Quilted Wadding, Ranger's Cape, Royal Throne, Saddlebags, Scarlet Gown, Seer's Stones, Snowman, Stitch Patch, Sturdy Bed, Wagon, Windmill
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Cloth is not an actual object, but refers to Hemp Cloth, Leather Fabric, Linen Cloth, Silk Cloth and Wool Cloth. Any of these can be used in the recipes that require any cloth, though some recipes require a specific type of cloth.

On some buildable objects, such as Village Banners and Barter Stands, each type of cloth has a different texture.