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Dry Flat

From Ring of Brodgar
Dry Flat
Dry Flat Terrain
Vital statistics
Can be paved Yes
Can be plowed Yes
Max Speed Sprint
Forageables Dandelion, Field Blewits, Wild Windsown Weed, Clover, Four-Leaf Clover, Chiming Bluebell
Trees Almond Tree, Ash Tree, Buckthorn Tree, Cedar Tree, Cork Oak Tree, Laurel Tree, Linden Tree, Olive Tree, Sallow Tree, Sweetgum Tree
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Fauna Adder, Ant Hill, Aurochs, Badger, Chick, Cock, Dryad, Earthworm, Fox, Grasshopper, Hen, Ladybug, Mammoth, Mole, Reindeer, Magpie (Bird), Mouflon, Rabbit Buck, Rabbit Doe, Silkmoth, Wild Horse