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Experience Points are obtained through Experience Events and Quests and are used by hearthlings for a number of tasks, including:

Experience Events are not limited, and can be randomly activated throughout your daily activities. The amount of Experience Points received is a good indicator of how often you can activate that event. For Example, Quenching Thirst can be activated very often, while Fragrance of Flowers may only activate every few days. In this fashion, it is recommended or encouraged to perform a number of varied activities or often go exploring to activate these events as often as possible.

  • You can check which event you haven't done in Character Sheet under Lore & Skills by clicking on Lore.
  • It's worth noting that by using Hearth Magic, you may end up with negative Experience Points when any Curiosities in your Study finish.
  • Members of a Realm may be allowed to withdraw Experience points from the Realms bank to use as they will.

Experience Events

Event EXP How to Acquire Lore Text
Experience-A Talking Tree.png A Talking Tree 150 Greet a quest-giving tree.
Experience-Abyssal Chasm.png Abyssal Chasm 400 Find an Abyssal Chasm
Experience-Ancient Windthrow.png Ancient Windthrow 400 Find an Ancient Windthrow
Experience-A Marriage of Light and Dark.png A Marriage of Light and Dark 0 Right before picking your gender during character creation.
Experience-By Weeping Willows.png By Weeping Willows 75 Stand under a Willow Tree and right click it.
Experience-Carrying Light.png Carrying Light 350 Have a firebrand burn longer than twenty seconds[Verify].
Experience-Caving In.png Caving In 130 See a cave entrance.
Experience-Clay Pit.png Clay Pit 400 Find a Clay Pit "A peculiar, slow, bubbling, combined with a light reek of moisture, decaying matter, and earth, reveals the unmistakable presence of a Clay Pit."
Experience-Conversant Boulder.png Conversant Boulder 150 Find a quest-giving boulder.
Experience-Crashing Through the Forest.png Crashing Through the Forest 400 Observe a Dryad. "An Otherworldly presence, squirming roots and shaking aspen, seemingly bending the natural world around the path it cuts, comes crashing through the foliage in a most sublime spectacle"
Experience-Dawn Breaking.png Dawn Breaking 80 Exit a building or cave at dawn (04:45-07:15).
Experience-Dawn on the Mountain.png Dawn on the Mountain 350 Be on a mountain at dawn (04:45-07:15).
Experience-Drawing Blood.png Drawing Blood 150 Random chance while butchering a corpse.
Experience-Driving out the Darkness.png Driving out the Darkness 300 Light a fire or fireplace at night, or in a cave.
Experience-Familiar Face.png Familiar Face 200 Walk onto shallow water.
Experience-Fashioned with Love.png Fashioned with Love 125 Craft anything. "You know that you at some point may have to part with this thing that you made, and that's fine, but for now, for this once, you stand in silent, humble, marvel at the simple perfection here sprung forth from your hands."
Experience-Fragrance of Flowers.png Fragrance of Flowers 200 Pick a flower "The air here carries a breath of sweet perfume, and you feel the fullness of life pulsating everywhere around you, draped in a note of divine simplicity. These flowers smell lovely."
Experience-Geyser.png Geyser 400 Find a Geyser
Experience-Great Cave Organ.png Great Cave Organ 400 Find a Great Cave Organ
Experience-Grave Flowers.png Grave Flowers 150 Place a Flower on a grave "With a heavy heart you place your flowers at the door of the crypt and final resting place of a Hearthling now quickly fading from memory, in defiant offering to time, death, and decay."
Experience-Guano Pile.png Guano Pile 400 Find a Guano Pile
Experience-Haven & Hearth.png Haven & Hearth 0 Walk out of the pool during character creation.
Experience-Having a Seat.png Having a Seat 75 Sit down on a chair. "It is nice to rest your weary bones from time to time. It is nice to lay down your burdens. It is nice to have a seat."
Experience-Headwaters.png Headwaters 400 Find Headwaters
Experience-Heart of the Woods.png Heart of the Woods 400 Find a Heart of the Woods "A slow, thumping, beat, pulsating with the age of the forest around you, reveals a Heart of the Wood over yonder."
Experience-Heave-ho!.png Heave-ho! 75 Lift anything. Boom! You ripped that thing right off of the ground! It never stood a chance!
Experience-Ice Spire.png Ice Spire 400 Find an Ice Spire
Experience-In Golden Fields.png In Golden Fields 175 Harvest Barley.
Experience-Jotun Mussel.png Jotun Mussel 400 Find a Jotun Mussel
Experience-Laying Old Bones to Rest.png Laying Old Bones To Rest 500 Put a skeleton or skull into a grave.
Experience-Leaping Free.png Leaping Free 200 Jump down or climb up a cliff.
Experience-Letting go of your Dream.png Letting go of your Dream 75 Drop A Beautiful Dream!.
Mandrake's Shriek.png Mandrake's Shriek 250 Find Spirited Mandrake Root
Experience-Monster in the Cellar.png Monster in the Cellar 150 Enter a cellar. One Rat will spawn in conjunction with this event.
Natural Gallery.png Natural Gallery 500 Random occurrence when mining. Your axe suddenly bites into nothing but the damp of long-trapped air, as a final plunge to the rock crumbles a thin wall, and reveals a natural cave gallery, stretching some ways into the darkness ahead.
Experience-New Land.png New Land 50 Walk from one terrain onto another. "A feeling of mixed excitement and trepidation comes over you as you stand here, by this edge between two lands, waiting to cross."
Experience-Nidbanes shadow.png Nidbane's Shadow 150 See the Nidbane.
File:Experience-Nuggets of Wisdom.png Nuggets of Wisdom 200 Craft metal nuggets.
Experience-Omen of ruin.png Omen of Ruin 0 Log in during Hearth land's end is coming
Experience-Pricked by the Spindle.png Pricked by the Spindle 300 Random occurrence when using a Spinning Wheel. Deals 5 SHP damage.
Experience-Quenching Thirst.png Quenching Thirst 75 Drink water. "You drink deep and greedily in full, dank, draughts, as visions of mist and Huldra dance within the theatre of your mind's eye. Only rarely have you, in hindsight, ever felt this thirsty, and having quenched that thirst now leaves you feeling unusually alive. For the briefest moment the road ahead seems clear."
Experience-Roaring Fire.png Roaring Fire 250 Light a Fire
Experience-Rock Crystal.png Rock Crystal 400 Find a Rock Crystal
Experience-Salt Basin.png Salt Basin 400 Find a Salt Basin
File:Experience-Say Cheese.png Say Cheese 250 Slice a cheese out of tray.
Experience-Sensing the Beast.png Sensing the Beast 100 See a large wild animal (Boar, Deer, Bear, ...). "You suddenly freeze at a muffled noise in the distance. Up-ahead stands a majestic beast, in a defiant stride of wilderness triumphant, caring not for the ways of Hearthlings. Nature is amazing."
Experience-Setting the Vats.png Setting the Vats 350 Fill a tanning tub with Prepared Animal Hides. "Is it just you, or are you always the one left doing this? It reeks to the High Havens, the stuff seems to seep into every pore of your being, and, frankly, its heavy, and if you had a gold pebble for every bucket you've dropped..."
Experience-Soot Cogs and Fire.png Soot, Cogs & Fire 300 Open a lit ore smelter.
Experience-Sowing Time.png Sowing Time 150 Plant seeds. "With a light heart you lighten your burden, and give unto the field all that which same shall soon be given back from it in turn. The exchange leaving you both the richer."
Experience-Spelunking.png Spelunking 100 Enter a cave.
Experience-Stalagoomba's Dance.png Stalagoomba's Dance 500 Find one or more Stalagoombas You're not sure if it's because you have been eating mushrooms, but distantly you can swear you hear the beating of rhythmic drums, as a conga line of Stalagoombas dance past.
Experience-Striking the Earth.png Striking the Earth 175 Dig (leveling works). "You raise your shovel and strike, strike the earth. Dirt flies everywhere and a strong, luminous sense of good omens concerning the project comes over you. The gods smile at your ambitions."
Experience-Striking the Root.png Striking the Root 125 Lift a bush or destroy tree stumps. "Well, that took some doing, but you finally managed to untangle those darn roots, and get that thing out of the ground. Now for what to make of it..."
Swan-lake.png Swan Lake 150 Find Swan in lake "The spark of a soft tremor leaps across the fabric of reality, as a majestic apparition, in ghostly white, glides over waters yonder."
Experience-The Symbel.png The Symbel 150 Feast at a table with symbels "It is not every meal that feels like a grand banquet held in a well-lit Hall, in the company of Kings, to symphonies of blowing horns and roaring fires, flowing with mead, but this one does."
Experience-The Mother Lode.png The Mother Lode 250 Find an Ore vein by mining.
Experience-The Tables Have Turned.png The Tables Have Turned 75 Lift and place a table.
Experience-Things Piling Up.png Things Piling Up 50 Place a stockpile by hand or wheelbarrow.
Experience-Timber!.png Timber! 175 Chop down a tree. "With your final whack of the hatchet, the tree comes crashing down in a flurrious cascade of twig and branch. Your sense of satisfaction is complete."
Experience-Treading Grass.png Treading Grass 100 Walk onto grassland terrain. "A patch of grass brushes against your feet, touching them with dew and damp. It tickles, reminding you of childhood joys, as a smile radiates out across your lips, and further on and away toward a universe which you in this moment know could not know evil."
Experience-Udder Shudder.png Udder Shudder 100 Milk an animal
Experience-Watercraft.png Watercraft 150 Place a rowboat onto water. "It is with a sense of bold adventure that you plunge your craft into the water, and ready yourself to board."
Experience-Well Wishing.png Well Wishing 100 Draw water from a well.
Experience-Wind & Fire.png Wind & Fire 1000 Go through the fire at the end of character creation.