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Glass Blowing

From Ring of Brodgar
Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing.png
LP Cost 750
Required By Glass Pane, Glass Pane Frame, Potent Rod, Retort, Testtube Rack, Wine Glass
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Glass Blowing now is required for making glass and most, if not all, glass items.

In-Game Text

High road to the home of the Gods,
Gleaming in many colors,
Broken through a shard of glass."

Fragile glass becomes soft and pliable in your hands, and you may bend it to your will. You have learned how to melt glass from sand and lye, and how to blow it into form.

What it does

Allows to create Glass in form of Molten Glass, which will eventually turn into Glass Pane in Glass Pane Frame or Raw Glass if left wherever. Cooling down usually takes from couple of minutes to an half-an hour.

Some objects require the glass to be molten in order to be built, e.g. Demijohn. And some crafts require Glass Blowing Rod along with Crucible.