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Great Cave Organ

From Ring of Brodgar
Great Cave Organ
Great Cave Organ.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 5
Required By Notes of a Foul Symphony
Can be Lifted No
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Great Cave Organ is a Localized Resource, a rare type of resource which regenerates over time in a permanent location - in Caves.
Because of their rarity and permanent location, Localized Resources are often very contested and highly valuable.


Great Cave Organ holds up to 3 of Notes of a Foul Symphony, respawns 1 pieces every 2 weeks.

How to Use

  • Using the Inspect action on any localized resource will tell you how many resources are currently available or how long until the next resource regenerates.
  • Right clicking a Great Cave Organ that has resources will give the user an option to collect the notes.


  • The quality of the Great Cave Organ's resource is hardcapped by Stealth, making it unwise to harvest this resource with an unskilled character.


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