Hard Metal Rivets

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Hard Metal Rivets
Hafen-Hard Metal Rivets.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Nugget of Bronze, Iron or Steel x4
Produced By Smithy's Hammer, Anvil
Gilding statistics
Gilding Chance 25%-85%
Gilding Attribute Charisma
Gilding Bonus 1 Melee Combat +3
Gilding Bonus 2 Carpentry +3
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Hard Metal Rivets is a Gilding item that gives a boost to Melee Combat and Carpentry.

Gilding Attribute is Charisma, Chance: 25% to 85%.

How to Acquire

First you need to wield a smithy's hammer in one hand. Then right click an anvil.


  • Hard Metal Rivets Quality = [math]\frac{_{q}Nugget * 9 + {_{q}Anvil* 4 + _{q}Smithy's Hammer}* 3}{16}[/math] and is softcapped by [math]\sqrt[2]{Strength *Smiting}[/math].

Quality Melee Combat Carpentry
10 +3 +3
40 +6 +6
90 +9 +9