From Ring of Brodgar
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LP Cost 7,500
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Amber, Amethyst, Cave Coral Ring, Clothier's Thimble, Diamond, Druid's Ring, Emerald, Family Heirloom, Forge Ring, Gemcutter's Wheel, Goldbeater's Skin, Jade, Merchant's Ring, Monocle, Moonstone, Occult Ring, Onyx, Opal, Pearl Necklace, Ring of Brodgar (Jewelry), Royal Crown, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver River Cutlery, Silver River Goblet, Silver Rose, Silver for the Ferryman, Thane's Ring, Topaz, Turquoise
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Jewelry is required to make any jewelry other than Spectacles and Bear Tooth Talisman

In-Game Text

"Timeless luster,
Age and tradition,
Beauty eternal."

You have learned how to work with the precious metals, and other fine materials, of the Hearthlands, to make jewelry.