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Legacy-Gray swamp candleberry.jpg
Vital statistics
Can be paved No
Can be plowed No
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Foragables {{{forage}}}
Flora Candleberries, Chiming Bluebell, Lady's Mantle, Royal Toadstool, Wild Windsown Weeds
Fauna Leeches, Toads, Dragonflies

Swamps are usually found in small sections. Swamps can be neither plowed nor paved, provide no valuable minerals or materials and traversing them on foot can only be done at slower speeds. Traversing swamps also cost significant more stamina.

In spite of the swamps general watery appearance, boats and rafts can not move over swamps, and players can not obtain water there.

All swamps have Leeches swimming in them, making a swamp next to a fish node a convenient location. Toads and Dragonflies inhabit the areas, providing some LP and general entertainment.

Curiosities endemic to swamps are the Chiming Bluebell, the Lady's Mantle and the Royal Toadstool. Occasional Willow Trees and Candleberries grow in swamps.

There is only on swamp type, but they come in three visual flavors. As blue-gray, dark-green or light-blue-green. Legacy-Swamp - Minimap Types.jpeg