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This is a list of all items that can be equipped, with the slot(s) used by a piece of equipment indicated in parenthesis. It is sorted by where the items are found under the Crafting menu and presented in alphabetical order.

In the process of being updated, since some newer items are missing and other information here is outdated, especially the weapon and armor stats.

Values listed are for Quality 10 items (unless stated otherwise).

Stat, damage, and AC calculation for higher Quality is as follows: base * sqrt(Quality/10), where base is the base stats listed below.

Armor HP calculation for higher Quality is simply: base * Quality/10.

It is unknown if Quality affects slider modifiers such as the Cylinder Hat and Dawn/Dusk Chains.

Miscellaneous Crafts


Cloth Making

Capes and Cloaks



Leather Working

Metal Working

  • Legacy:Miner's Helm: Cosmetic, but can be equipped with a candle to become a light source (1L)
  • Legacy:Pickaxe: Makes mining, rock chipping and destroying objects faster and less stamina draining (4L and 4R)
  • Legacy:Scythe: Drastically increases the speed of crop harvesting (4L and 4R)
  • Legacy:Shovel: Reduces stamina drain of digging and plowing by hand, increases speed of removing stumps (4L and 4R)
  • Legacy:Smithy's Hammer: Needed for smithing metal items. Accounts for 25% of smithed item quality. (4L or 4R)
  • Legacy:Sledgehammer : +4 damage when destroying objects (does not stack with Battering Ram bonus). (4L and 4R)




Ranged Weapons

Non-crafted Items