From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Basic Mechanics, Sausage Making
Object(s) Required Bar of Hard Metal x3, Board x2, Block of Wood x2
Required By Badger Botillo, Bear Salami, Beaver Dog, Big Bear Banger, Boar Baloney, Boar Boudin, Butcher's Surprise, Cavedog, Chicken Chorizo, Cow Chorizo, Delicious Deer Dog, Elk Dog, Fox Fuet, Fox Wurst, Glazed Grazer Dog, King of the Woods, Lamb & Lynx, Lamb Sausages, Lynxalami, Moodog, Piglet Wursts, Raw Kebab Roll, Running Rabbit Sausage, Swan Neck, Tame Game Liverwurst, Walrus & Carpenter, Wonderful Wilderness Wurst
Repaired With Bar of Hard Metal x2
Can be Lifted Yes
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Meatgrinders can be used to make several types of sausages that give many more FEPs than their combined ingredients. They are high-tier foods generally not available to those without domesticated animals or the ability to hunt.


The quality seems to be determined by:

Quality of produced sausages is:

Softcapped by Dexterity and Cooking.


  • There is no ceramic variant of the Meatgrinder as there was in Legacy Haven.
  • See the Sausages page for a list of the sausages you can make with the meatgrinder.