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From Ring of Brodgar
Base-Quality 100
Is Deadly yes
Hitpoints 20000
Fleeing-Hitpoints 14000 (Bleeds for 400 hp per tick when fleeing)
Creature-Products Orca Chunk x8:
Raw Orca x6(48 total),Animal Fat x2(16 total),
Orca Carcass:
Orca Brain, Orca Tooth x5
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. (None)
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Orcas are large toothed whales living in Oceans, spawn in packs with 2-4 species, aggroes all as one.

To butcher a creature, you must first tow it to the Knarr and take it to the shore, secondly drag on the ground with the help of a horse.



Orcas are aggressive, and will likely engage in combat with nearby players. Aggroing any one orca will cause the entire pack to also engage.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations


Beware, Orcas are strong creatures, capable of outrunning a Knarr, also the problem in numbers. Note that unlike other creatures, orcas never split - so you can't aggro them one by one.

In-Game Example(s)


  • Dead Orca can be hooked to knarr and lifted on сoast. Then dragged on land by the horse.
  • Butchered in several pieces that can be lifted.