From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Fishing
Object(s) Required Bushcraft Fishingpole
Produced By River or Lake
Required By Filet of Plaice, Spitroast Plaice, Unbaked Wellplaiced Pie
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A small brown fish with orange spots, renowned for it's perception gain.

Eating a serving of roasted plaice fills 125 energy and 3 hunger, and gives 3 perception, and 1 intelligence in FEPs. Roasted plaice is also an ingredient in some recipes.

How to Acquire

You must have the fishing skill and a fully equipped fishing pole in order to catch fish.

Adventure > Fish

What kind of fish you catch is determined by map data. If you can't catch certain type of fish, despite trying many times with correct bait, you need to find a different spot. Fishing page contains information of baits known to work with each fish.

According to current data on the Fishing page, best place to catch Plaice will be a river or shallow lake near a terrain that provides Leeches (swamp, fen or bog).

Following info will need to be moved. Optionally replaced with a note/link about bloated leeches issues/dangers:

This way you can have practically infinite bait, limited only by your Hitpoints and time it takes for leeches to bite your character. Be careful when letting Leeches attach or putting them on, as you can run out of SHP (the first of three numbers on your lifebar) and get knocked out, gaining Concussion damage (also debuffing your Abilities) and Leech Burns if there are hungry, unbloated leeches still attached to your character. You can remove unbloated leeches as long as your character is not knocked out. Leeches attach to your empty equipment slots, meaning you can get naked to quickly acquire leeches or fully equip yourself to prevent them from attaching. Notably, bloated leeches can be used to block fresh ones as they won't become unbloated (and hungry) again unless removed.

How to Use

You need to lit a fire in order to roast a filet of raw fish.

Craft > Food > Roast Meat


  • The quality of the caught fish is determined primarily by map data. The Q on your fishing gear can only reduce fish quality if lower than the fish's.
  • The quality of the roasted fish depends on your Perception and Survival.