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Realm Bonuses

From Ring of Brodgar
Realm Buff Bonus (Per lvl) Cost (lvl 5/5) Lore Text
Backwater Backwater.png

Growth speed of onion, lettuce and turnip: +10%
Quality of squirrels, moles and badgers: +10%
Strength +1
Survival +1

Grotesque 2.5 Menhir 0

The Realm is a bit of a Backwater, but your people take pride in that, and the wilderness breeds a hardy folk.
Lettuce and onions grow faster; badgers, moles, and squirrels occur at higher qualities; and you also receive bonuses to your Strength and Survival values.

Center of Learning Centeroflearning.png

Learning bonus: +3% (Learning Ability +30)
Lore +2
Intelligence +2

Grotesque 3 Menhir 4.5

This Realm has become a center of learning, increasing the amount of Learning Points earned for studied curiosities within it, and also providing bonuses to Lore and Intelligence.

Fecund Earth Fecundearth.png

Growth speed of wheat, flax, wine and pumpkins : +10%
Farming +2

Grotesque 0 Menhir 5

Your Menhirs have been bloodied by many sacrifices to the Old Gods, and rich are in turn your rewards each harvest season. Wheat, Grapes, Flax, and Pumpkins all grow faster, and the populace also receives a bonus to their Farming Abilities.
Founding Mythos Foundingmythos.png

Hearth magic bonus: +6%
Psyche +1
Lore +3
Intelligence +1
Psyche +1

Grotesque 3
Menhir 4.5

Over the ages your people have woven an intricate fabric of lore and myth, placing your Realm and its destinies front and center of the ordered universe. The continued and firm belief in this Founding Mythos ensures that your people always enjoy ready access to the Deep Magics of the Hearth. Hearth Magics are cheaper in your Realm, and the populace receives bonuses to Lore, Intelligence, and Psyche.

Game Keeping Gamekeeping.png

Quality of boars, deer and moose: +9%
Survival +2

Grotesque 2 Menhir 3

With the institution of Gamekeeping, herd management and yearly culls, your Realm significantly improves the quality of its hunted game. Boars, Deer, and Moose all occur at higher qualities, and the populace also receives a small bonus to their Survival abilities.

Guarded Marches Guardedmarches.png

Cost of realm challenges: +120%

Grotesque 5 Menhir 3

The edges and hinterlands of your Realm are always under careful observation by an organized levy of rangers and outriders. Challenges against your Border Cairns are more expensive.

Heraldic Swan Heraldicswan.png

Quality of swans: +75%

Grotesque 1 Menhir 3

The icon of the Swan Majestic features often and prominently within the heraldic tradition of your Realm, and the spirit of the bird has taken well to it. Wherever one wanders in your Realm, the most beautiful, noumenous, Swans, can be seen flocking.

Land of Milk & Honey Landofmilkandhoney.png

Quality of beehive products: +5%
Quality of produced milk: +5%
Quest rewards +5%

Grotesque 2.5 Menhir 2.5

Yours is a land of Milk & Honey. Honey, Beeswax, and Milk are harvested at higher qualities, and the rewars for questing in your Realm are higher.

Local Cuisine Localcuisine.png

Food event bonus: +3%
Cooking +2
Perception +1

Grotesque 4.5 Menhir 3

Your Realm has acheived some renown for its Local Cuisine, and the quality of its chefs. Food eaten within your realm gives additional Food Event Points, and the populace receive bonuses to their Cooking and Perception values.

Marriage of the Sea Marriageofthesea.png

Quality of caught fish: +9%
Quality on built knarrs: +12%
Exploration +2
Will +1
Swimming +5

Grotesque 0 Menhir 5

Your people's Marriage of the Sea is an ancient bond between your Realm and the elements. You have braved the blue beyonds, and plowed deep furrows along the lakes and rivers of the Hearthlands, ever chasing the next horizon. Fish are caught at higher qualities within your Realm, Ships are constructed at higher qualities, and your people receive bonuses to their Exploration, Will, and Swimming values.

Mountain Tradition Mountaintradition.png

Quality of mined minerals: +3%
Smithing +1
Masonry +1

Grotesque 5 Menhir 0

Your people have lived near the roots of the mountains since the first settling, and heard the whispers of the Deep Things. Stone and Ore mined within your Realm is of increased qualities, and the populace also receive bonuses to their Smithing and Masonry abilities. Remember that the Realm must be extended to the cave levels to apply there.

Myth of the Bull Mythofthebull.png

Birth rate of livestock: +6%

Grotesque 5 Menhir 0

Your people's conception of the origin of all things includes tales of the Starry Bull, thundering the Wild Hunt across the firmament of the Hearth, and livestock rearing has always been an important staple of your industries. Pigs, Sheep, Horses and Cows all have shorter gestation periods within your Realm.

Woodland Realm Woodlandrealm.png

Growth speed of trees: +6%
Quality of items foraged on woodlands: +3%
Quality of woodland animals: 1.5%

Grotesque 7.5 Menhir 0

Your realm, under the careful guidance and attention of a people attuned to its needs and seasons, has become one of mighty oaks and deep forests. Trees and bushes grow faster in your realm, and plants and wildlife in your forests occur at higher qualities.


Grotesque 41 Menhir 34

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