From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 6 x 2
Storage Size 5 x 5
Skill(s) Required Boat Building
Object(s) Required Rope x10, Cloth x15, Tarsticks x10, Bone Glue x5, Board x60, Block of Wood x25
Repaired With Tarsticks
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"The Snekkja is a small, oceangoing ship, capable of ferrying 4 people and 16 units of cargo. The speed of the Snekkja increases with its quality. The Snekkja is faster than the Knarr on shallow and deep water. The Knarr is faster on the high seas. The Snekkja can be docked at a dock, much like the Knarr, and it can also be locked. The Snekkja does not, however, require siege machines to destroy." ~jorb

The Snekkja is a fast transport ship, capable of carrying 4 people and 16 units of cargo, such as bodies or chests. It also has a 5x5 inventory space for individual items. The Snekkja has a base speed of ??, which increases asymptotically toward ?? with increased quality, and loosing all bonus in deep ocean.

It has to be constructed in water. Only one person is required to operate it. A Metal Lock can be installed into it to allow only people with the key to move it.