From Ring of Brodgar
LP Cost 5,000
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Skill(s) Enabled Metallurgy
Required By Bar of Steel, Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay, Cutblade, Steel Crucible
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In-Game Text

"Born in flame,
Yet cold and silent,
Thirsting for blood.
Who am I?"

The embers of your forge have run glowing red hot, and from them now spring the stranges, most wonderful materials. You have learned how to make steel in steel crucibles, and also enjoy greater success at forging wrought iron.

What it does

Steelmaking allows you to construct steel crucibles to produce steel. Steel is used to craft many top-tier tools, weapons and armor. It also grants you greater chance of success when forging wrought iron. It's one of the skills that every dedicated miner ought to have, the others being Tunneling, Metallurgy and Deep Artifice.

How to Acquire Steel

1. Place up to 9 bars of cast iron into a finery forge, fuel it with at least 2 pieces of coal and light it.
2. Wait about about 10 minutes, after that extract bloom from the finery forge.
3. Equip a smithy's hammer, then take the bloom on to anvil, and work it into wrought iron.
4. Place up to two bars of wrought iron and an equal amount of coal or black coal into a steel crucible.
5. Fuel the crucible with blocks of wood, branches and/or any coal, then light it.
6. With a full fuel meter, the crucible will burn for 12 hours (real time). In order to produce steel, the wrought iron and coal must remain in a continually lit crucible for 56 hours. If the crucible goes out during this time, or if all the coal is removed from it, the steelmaking process is reset.

When completed, you will receive 1 Bar of Steel for each Bar of Wrought Iron

The quality of steel is directly equal to quality of the wrought iron used, softcapped by following formula:

Amount of Fuel needed

(math by "Apocalypse Please")

9 coal, 18 branches, or 3 blocks w/ 3 branches will fill up a crucible for 12 hours. 1 tick is 40 minutes. 1 block lasts for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Coal: 9 for 12 hours, 42 for a full cycle.

Branches: 18 for 12 hours, 84 for a full cycle.

Blocks: 3.6 for 12 hours, 16.8 for a full cycle.

Useful Tips

You can use a wheelbarrow to place stockpiles of your fuel directly into the crucible. Not only is this a convenient way to quickly load fuel, but it removes the possibility of accidentally removing the wrought iron when using the shift + right-click method.