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Stone Pine Tree

From Ring of Brodgar
Stone Pine Tree
Stone Pine Tree.png
Grown From Stone Pine Cone
Required By Stone Pine Cone
Found On Pine Barren, Shady Copse, Sour Timber, Timber Land
Bark 3
Branches 3
Fruit Stone Pine Cone
Fruit Qty 2
Logs 3
Blocks (Stone) 30
Blocks (Metal) 37
Boards (Bone) 9
Boards (Metal) 15
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The Stone Pine Tree is one of the many Trees found in the Hearthlands. Trees are a plentiful resource and they are vital to every player's success.

Some of the most basic materials a hearthling will require such as Boards, Wood Blocks, Boughs, and Branches are only obtained from Trees.
Every tree has some sort of Seed which the player can use in various recipes, or they can be used to regrow a higher quality tree, producing better materials.

Materials Produced

The Stone Pine Tree produces:

You may harvest up to 3 Branches before it is depleted.
You may harvest up to 3 Bark before it is depleted.
You may harvest up to 2 Stone Pine Cone before it is depleted.

All Trees will slowly replenish harvested materials, meaning all materials listed above are renewable.

Stone Pine Trees produce 3 logs when felled.

Each log produces 30 Blocks when cut with a Stone Axe and 37 Blocks when cut with a Metal Axe
Each log produces 9 Boards when cut with a Bone Saw and 15 Boards when cut with a Metal Saw

How to Acquire

Every Tree can be grown from its seed using a Treeplanter's Pot, or by planting the seed directly into the ground.

Using a Treeplanter's Pot: See Treeplanter's Pot for more details

Direct Method: See Shovel for more details