From Ring of Brodgar
LP Cost 500
Skill(s) Required Fishing
Skill(s) Enabled Boat Building
Required By Nothing
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Swimming is needed to enter and cross deep water without a Boat or Raft.

In-Game Text

"Having learned how to catch the fish, he next strove to be like one."

Swimming allows your character to cross deep water. Swimming is highly draining on your stamina, so know your limits, and don't brave waters you cannot handle.

Health Warning

Drowning (running out of stamina while in deep water) will begin to kill your character, piling on Asphixiation damage. This can kill you quickly; if you die in the water, you leave a floating Corpse that betrays your incompetence to every passing boater. It is advisable to use caution while swimming, and consider if you need to buy swimming until much later. Raising constitution will allow you to cross larger rivers.

A character with 10 constitution and a full stamina bar, can only cross 10 tiles safely before drowning. The maximum distance swimmable increases at a non-linear rate similar to quality. {{Verify}


You must toggle swimming on and off via the adventure menu.

Some of this information might be outdated as swimming was revamped in W8-10 and not all information here has been verified.