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Other Tables
Cases residing outside the "Tables" root-page.
  • Crops_table - Crops table with additional per-crop related information. (Manuel table)
  • Curiosity_Table - "All-Curiosities" table.
  • Equipment_Tables - "All Equipment", "Armor Equipment" & Per-Attribute tables.
  • Experience Events - Experience Events table with some basic per Experience Event info. (Manuel table)
  • FEP_Table - Base "FEPs" table & "% of FEP of total FEPs" table.
  • Fish_Data - "Fresh Water Fish", "Ocean Fish" & "Cave Fish" tables. (Mixed tables)
  • Per*Exp collectables - Per forageable item levels and terrains table. (Same as "Full Forageables" table, but without none PerExp cases)
  • Herbalist_Table - Per item completion time table. (Manuel table)
  • Hunger Levels or Glossary#Hunger_Level - Per Hunger Level info table. (Manuel table)
  • List of Bushes - Basic, per bush, bush data table. (Manuel table)
  • Creatures - All Creatures table with basic per creature info. (Manuel table)
  • Seasons - Creature seasonality (input) table. (Manuel table)
  • Terrains - Per Terrain: (graphics preview), Max-speed, Trees, Bushes, Foragables, Creatures table. (partial manual table)
  • Tree Information - Basic, per tree, tree data table. (Manuel table)

Mixed table: Containing both Manual and Ask/Show data.