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Missing items

Needs images for "Black-eyed", "Ugly Wart"; missing entry for ugly wart (--11 February 2017, MagicManICT)

Nasty Wart

Someone should check information about the Nasty Wart. I am pretty sure that I got it while treating something other than Black Eye with toad butter and it also disappeared after some time randomly. (--17 May 2017, SilentPony)

Nasty Wart

Nasty wart can be healed by Ancient Root. Added this information. (--22 December 2017, Dad's herbs)

Dragon Bite (Wound)

Moving the vague information from the information page to here as it is too vague.

"Seems to damage 30 HHP per 1 point."

All other information is correct.

Reports from the forums are that this is incorrect. Research is needed on what exactly the HHP damage of the wound is. --MagicManICT (talk) 19:33, 27 May 2018 (EDT)