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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Wikipedia's Font_color Template.
Code wise its slightly different. Feature wise its identical.
Usage (short version)
{{Font color}} has a one-color and a two-color form:
   {{font color | color | text }}
   {{font color | text color | background color | text }}
Either form has a |link= option, for colorizing (otherwise blue or red) wikilink text.
   |link=yes → [[text]]
   |link=fullpagename → [[fullpagename]]
You can also name the other fields.
   {{font color | fg=color | text=text }}
   {{font color | fg=text color | bg=background color | text=text }}
You can name |fg= or |bg=, which is nice, but... if you name either of them, you must also name |text=, which is a compromise. (See Help:Template#Parameters for why.)

For full documentation, see Wikipedia's Font_color Template.

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